Maui Underground

Previously undiscovered elegant research uncovering rare forms of rhythmic alchemy, while battered by heartfelt episodes of confusion and infamy. Maui Underground pushes on through a musical representation of blissful ecstasy. Driven by the needs of a loving spirit, they build upon this artform creating rarity in sound. The vibrational pull created by Alana Cini's unique Didgeridoo magic, invokes the "Spirit Guides" to appear amidst our audiences, dancing and releasing energy.

All in all Maui Underground is a thrill ride designed to rocket your imagination into the mystic.

Next Gig:

Halloween at the Pioneer Inn, Front St, Lahaina Oct 31, 2014 8pm

Halloween with Maui Underground 2013

Last Gig:

Zeptember IV was a showcase for Maui's most talented musicians. Everyone there was blown away, and left ravenous for more. Zeptember IV Ticket 2013

Maui News reviews New MAUI UNDERGROUND CD 11/22/2012

John Woodhouse: "A number of tracks are strong enough to pop up on rock radio formats like the hard driving "The Beat," which roars with echoes of the Stones, The Doors, and the funky rock of INXS. And "Counting Angels" kicks with a U2 groove, while the anthemic, catchy title track which calls for planetary transformation, could land them a hit." ... Read More

Maui Underground's World's in a Mess Video

Alana Cini & Greg diPiazza of Maui Underground at Earth Day 2012